Admission Process

Admission Process

Our Team guides you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and constraints ensuring you choose the best career Pathway towards victory. Our answers will always be relevant, precise and informative. We will be your guides in Australia even before you get here. If you have any question then you can contact us, we’ll try to help you with anything you would like to know.

4 steps to go

Step 1 – Counselling and Course Selection

We have comprehensive and latest information on all the courses at all levels (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters etc.). By thoroughly analyzing each information our expert counsellors give impartial and professional free advice on education institutions and course options based on their preference, academic background and future plans.

Submitting an application can also be done electronically through our website online application system from anywhere in the world. The system includes easy step by step instruction for completing application online. Upon completion of the application our counsellor provides supplementary assistance by reviewing the application and if necessary makes appropriate suggestions and recommendations to ensure a polished professional application process.

Step 2 – Application Acceptance

Once student met all conditions the student would receive an Offer letter.

The institution will reply to a student’s application in one of four ways:

1. A Rejection letter
Indicates the student does not meet entry requirements for that program at that specific institution.

2. A Conditional Offer letter
Is a request for additional information. For example, the offer may be conditional on the student providing certified copies of their documents or conditional on undertaking further English language training. You would need to contact the student to supply the additional information required. Once the conditions are fulfilled the student would receive a Full Offer letter.

3. A Full Offer letter
Indicates a student is eligible for direct entry into that institutions program.

4. A Package Offer letter (a version of a Full Offer letter)
Is a full offer to a program with an additional conditional offer into another program. For example, a Foundation Package Offer is a Full Offer into a Foundation Program plus a conditional offer into an undergraduate program. The letter would explain that if a student successfully fulfilled certain conditions during their Foundation Program they would then be given direct entry into a degree program.

Step 3 – Receive CoE & Payment

Once student met all conditions and made at least the minimum initial payment required, institute will provide a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter.

Step 1:
Sign offer acceptance Letter

Step 2:
Make the Payment (international bank transfer/ credit card authorized from/Electronic fund transfer) the payment required usually consist of

– Tuition fees for the program (usually the first semester)
– Overseas student health cover (single/family)

Step 3:
Once payment is confirmed a student is issued with an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment form.

In most cases the institution would issue this and then forward it, via the agent, to the student. In some cases the institution may have authorised an agent to create eCoE on their behalf. This eCoE is then being checked by the institution staff and if found correct, authorised by them. The agent then prints out the authorised eCoE.

Step 4 – Apply for student visa

Once the student has an eCoE, an application for a student visa needs to be processed. Our migration agents assist students with the visa applications, provide advice for financial statements and help them to prepare the file to meet the requirements of various High Commissions to ensure 100% Visa success. Counselors at Stampford Australia have one aim – to help. They’ll be with student the whole time , from the moment they apply, to the moment they come to Australia.


See what people are saying

I am from Uk, I am doing Master of Professional Accounting in Charles Darwin University, Sydney Campus. Stampford (Australia) help me to get admission and the entire process from application to acceptance of my university. Their service is so fast and adequate. their visa processing team is very organized and informative. I am grateful for their dedicated services and guidance and without their help I couldn’t come to Australia.”


Studying abroad is one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend it to all the students out there! Not only will you become more independent but also you will discover what you really want! As for the challenges you might face they will only teach you how to make it happen!! I would like to say a big thank you to Stamford (Australia) for their invaluable assistance and support.”

—  Eienne Collery

My name is Elizabeth, I’m from Italy, I’m 24 years old and I’ve been to Sydney from last 2 months, so far. I’m studying General English in Kingsway Institute at the City campus. The service at Stamford (Australia) was awesome. What I loved most about the procedure was how tailored it was to my specific profile. Discussions with my consultant made me more aware of my strengths and helped me articulate them fully on my applications.”

—  Elizabeth

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