Eligibility Criteria

International students need a student visa in order to study in Australia. The process of applying for a student visa depends on which country you apply from and the type of study you’re applying for.

Eligibility requirements to Study in Australia:

To be granted a student visa you must satisfy the visa requirements and meet with a number of visa conditions for attendance and academic performance which come into effect after your entry in Australia.

You require an “Admission offer letter” from your Australian education provider at the time you lodge your application you should have:

1. Good Character
2. Sound Health
3. Valid Passport
4. Health Insurance acceptable through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and members of your family accompanying you to Australia.
5. Not be involved in any kind of criminal activities

To be granted a Student Visa you will evaluated against a number of aspects which differ according to your Country of Passport and Visa Subclass. This is known as your Assessment Level. The Assessment levels range between 1 and 5. The higher your Assessment Level, the greater the degree of evidence required.

Assessment Criteria:

Your Student Visa Application will be assessed on:

1.The capacity to cover the cost of airfares to Australia, tuition, accommodation, and other general expenses
2. Capacity to support any accompanying dependent family member for the duration of your stay.
3. Level of English language proficiency. If English is not your first language you may need to undertake the IELTS English test.
4. Your situation in your home country, i.e. personal, financial, employment and other commitments which might prompt you to return home or other circumstances, e.g. military service commitments.
5. Academic record and history, in the context of the course you intend to study
6. Assessed your immigration history e.g. previous compliance with immigration laws, whether you have any outstanding debts to the Commonwealth of Australia, and whether you have previously applied for entry into Australia
7. Your proposed course of study and whether it is a reasonable choice, given your circumstances

Whether your proposed course of study is consistent with, and appropriate to your current level of education.

Additionally, there are some general requirements which are applicable to all student visa applicants.

General Requirements:

Your ability to satisfy the health requirement. Any dependent family members included in the visa application are also required to meet the health requirement. You may be directed to undergo a health examination and chest x-ray and forward your results to DIAC, before the processing of your student visa application is completed

Your ability to satisfy the character requirement. You must be of “good character” to enter Australia and will be required to provide a declaration in the application form

Your responsibility to have private health insurance throughout your stay in Australia. It is compulsory to obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before submitting your visa application. Any accompanying dependent family members must also be covered by this insurance.

General visa conditions

You must advise your education provider of your residential address within 7days of your arrival in Australia and must advise any address change
You must leave Australia before your visa expires
You must maintain your Overseas Student Health (OSHC) cover while in Australia
You must not work unless you have special permissions available with you
You must remain with the education provider you originally enrolled with for the first year of your course or, if the course is less than 12 months, for the duration of your course
You must satisfy attendance and course requirements
You should maintain a valid enrolment for your course


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I am from Uk, I am doing Master of Professional Accounting in Charles Darwin University, Sydney Campus. Stampford (Australia) help me to get admission and the entire process from application to acceptance of my university. Their service is so fast and adequate. their visa processing team is very organized and informative. I am grateful for their dedicated services and guidance and without their help I couldn’t come to Australia.”


Studying abroad is one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend it to all the students out there! Not only will you become more independent but also you will discover what you really want! As for the challenges you might face they will only teach you how to make it happen!! I would like to say a big thank you to Stamford (Australia) for their invaluable assistance and support.”

—  Eienne Collery

My name is Elizabeth, I’m from Italy, I’m 24 years old and I’ve been to Sydney from last 2 months, so far. I’m studying General English in Kingsway Institute at the City campus. The service at Stamford (Australia) was awesome. What I loved most about the procedure was how tailored it was to my specific profile. Discussions with my consultant made me more aware of my strengths and helped me articulate them fully on my applications.”

—  Elizabeth

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