Professional Year

The Professional Year is a structured professional development program combining formal learning and workplace experience. PY has to be taken by IT Professionals, engineers and Accounting students after the completion of their Degree. It enables one to get a Permanent Resident Visa. A Professional Year will:

– Familiarise participants with the norms and values in the Australian workplace as well as the Australian employment market and workplace culture.
– Teach participants how to communicate effectively and professionally in the Australian workplace with colleagues, managers and clients
– Include an internship (work experience) to educate participants about all aspects of work practices in an Australian company.
– The professional year must have been undertaken for a period of at least 12 months in the 48 months immediately before applying and be in either:
– The applicant?s nominated skilled occupation.
– A closely related skilled occupation.
– Points can only be awarded for Professional Year courses that have been specified by the minister.


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I am from Uk, I am doing Master of Professional Accounting in Charles Darwin University, Sydney Campus. Stampford (Australia) help me to get admission and the entire process from application to acceptance of my university. Their service is so fast and adequate. their visa processing team is very organized and informative. I am grateful for their dedicated services and guidance and without their help I couldn’t come to Australia.”


Studying abroad is one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend it to all the students out there! Not only will you become more independent but also you will discover what you really want! As for the challenges you might face they will only teach you how to make it happen!! I would like to say a big thank you to Stamford (Australia) for their invaluable assistance and support.”

—  Eienne Collery

My name is Elizabeth, I’m from Italy, I’m 24 years old and I’ve been to Sydney from last 2 months, so far. I’m studying General English in Kingsway Institute at the City campus. The service at Stamford (Australia) was awesome. What I loved most about the procedure was how tailored it was to my specific profile. Discussions with my consultant made me more aware of my strengths and helped me articulate them fully on my applications.”

—  Elizabeth

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